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There's nothing that makes me happier than helping someone change their life.

what my clients say

I'm so blessed to have worked with some absolutely amazing people over my career. Please let their stories inspire you to start your own journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Paula V

Personal Training Client

In 2006, I had high blood pressure and my clothes were getting snug as I tipped the scale at 140. Something had to change. A friend told me about Lisa, a personal trainer who could help me begin an exercise plan. I jumped at the chance to make a much needed life change. Lisa helped me examine my current eating practices, made healthy suggestions, recipes, and little tweaks to steer me into more mindful, healthy eating. She started me on a workout routine that got me moving! Lisa helped me to see that I could lift weights, increase my stamina, and feel stronger. Her positive attitude, knowledge about exercises, weight training, HIIT training, and healthy eating helped me lower my blood pressure and lose 30+ pounds. With Lisa’s continued support, exercise advice and training, I have kept the weight off 12 years later, am fit, eat healthy, and am even stronger than ever!

Rose M

Online Training Client

A goal I wrote down on 12/14/2019 was to comfortably wear this red shirt. This shirt symbolizes a lot to me, it’s my Marine Mom shirt I wore at my Sons Marine Corp. Graduation. I am DOING this and not just another thing on my to do list. I desperately needed to make a life change. When the time came for me to make this leap was Lisa Furtado LaManna who I know who would guide and support me.Fast forward 9 weeks into my sTRong Online Coaching Program I now have a support coach, accountably, and confidence to live a healthier lifestyle.Total weight lost 23 lbs and going…
My favorite part of this new life style: EVERYTHING
My favorite challenge: Planking
What I’m most excited about: Lemon WaterThank you Lisa Furtado LaManna for creating this program not just for me but to all of the beautiful ladies here who you care so much about! My Journey is not over it’s just begun!

Audrey K

Personal Training Client & Isagenix

I started going to Lisa about 2 ½ years ago when I became an empty nester. I wanted to get healthy and back in shape. Lisa is very patient and knowledgeable. She remembers exercises not compatible for me due to prior injuries. Every workout is unique and fun, so it never gets boring which I love! I am always learning something new. Lisa watches my form closely to make sure I am doing the exercise correctly. I am able to do the workouts at home or when I travel to continue my successful journey of staying healthy. Time flies by when I work out at her gym. Lisa is also flexible to work with and is always available to answer questions. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work out with Lisa. She is a wonderful inspiration and great to be with!!

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"I started working out with you last January..."

"Hi Lisa, just saw your post on Facebook and I wanted to chime in. I started working out with you last January, I can't say thanks enough for your patience and kindness. I have grown so much this year and you've been a big part of that! All because I saw your card at the bank. You're the best! Happy New Year!"

Kara G.
Personal Training Client